About us

Who We Are.


The designers and creators of Kulani Kinis are two beach loving, wanderlust spirits named Dani & Alex. They are from the East Coast of Australia where they call Sydney home. They share a love of colour, Hawaii and taking charge of their own destiny. Having trouble finding affordable luxury that wouldn't break the bank, this pair wanted to start a movement.

The result is the creation of an affordable, 'queen bee' quality line they can share with girls across the world. Why should price trump style or vice versa? With Kulani Kinis you can have both and they want their collections to have something for every girl! Since launching in February 2015, Kulani Kinis has captured the hearts of thousands of sunkissed & salty girls all across the globe and they have the photos to prove it. 


Why Did You Call It Kulani?


"We both share a love of Hawaii and the name was inspired from our many travels there. Kulani is a Hawaiian word which means 'like paradise'. It comes from the Hawaiian words 'ku' which means 'to be like' and 'lani' which means paradise. We want to invoke feelings of sunkissed summer days, crystal clear aqua waters, the smell of sea salt and coconut scented sunscreen...we want every girl to find their little piece of paradise! And we want to be part of their Summer.“ - Alex.

"Kulani Kinis was born out of a desire to change our lives. We lusted for something different, an adventure and freedom. We have found all of this and more. We hold a strong belief that anything is possible and with a mix of your mindset, creativity, consistency, patience and support you can change your life. We did it and its our mission to help inspire other girls to think the same!” - Dani.


Super-comfy. Soft. Seamless. Functional.


We offer superior quality and affordable swimwear which we felt was something really hard to come by. Every set of Kulani Kinis can be purchased for under $100 and every piece is unique to our label. The consistent feedback we get from our girls is that our swimwear is the most comfortable they have ever tried and feels like a second skin. We credit this to our unique fabric which is unbelievably soft and silky. There's no doubt we love a splash of colour so you will find vivid prints at the core of every collection. We balance this out by offering softer and more neutral solids as well. Our hope is that our girls have fun, feel confident and enjoy all the vibrant colour combinations of life!! Our view is that you should always stay colourful but don't be afraid to mix your favourite colour block with a print.


Our Philosophy - Swim, Sweat, Sparkle


Deciding what you want most out of life, whatever it may be, and taking a leap to chase it takes a lot of courage. We all know that change isn't easy! Most people are taught to believe in the idea that when something is started, there is an end point. A measure or goal to be reached and with its achievement you have made it. When we founded Kulani Kinis, we thought we knew what that was, just like everyone else. But it turned out that we didn’t. Success is an idea that is elusive of a distinct definition. It has no frame that it can be universally applied and every girl will want for different things in her life. However we have this optimism that we can be a part of every girl’s journey in succeeding on her path. As we have grown, so has our passion and what we want to inspire. We want to be more than most fashion labels and we need to make sure how we act…means something and what we say…means something.

We want to build a movement. And behind every movement you need a message about what you stand for; a motto for how to live and, more importantly, why you do it.


Our motto is simple: Swim. Sweat. Sparkle.


Every girl should dive into life; sweat her tail off so in the end she can sparkle.


Two girls are born every second in this world, and our success comes from helping every girl to feel unique, happy and empowered. Every new girl represents a new chance to show the world what we can achieve, and because the world never stops, neither can Kulani Kinis. It doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t start, it just means our journey will never stop.

Don't be afraid to take risks and work hard! Starting any new adventure can be difficult but don’t listen to other people when they tell you that you are crazy! Cinderella would never have left the house if her step-sisters had their way. And if we hadn't started Kulani Kinis, we wouldn’t have found our glass slipper. Be consistent with your vision, move mountains and support yourself even when no one else will. Everyone says hard work pays off and it does. The quote 'you never work a day in your life if you do something you love' is so true! And we have never slept so little yet been so happy. Kulani is our baby and we are so proud to watch her grow. 


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